Christmas 2012

We spent the week between Christmas and January 2nd in Bend Oregon. Wow. The daily high temperature was 21 degrees with the low at night dropping to 7degrees. But it was a dry cold!!??
The drive up was fairly uneventfull. It was only a 30 mile stretch of ice between Klamath Falls and Bend that was bad. We enjoyed the time with CynDee and Neil. We spent one day in Sisters. There is the most incredible clock shop there. The owner has been hand making clocks for 40 years. His latest is a 2 year project that is a copy of the tower clock in Prague. All hand made. It shows the month, week, phase of the moon, sunset and sunrise times as well as the hour and minutes of the day. The tower case is a phenominal piece of art and 8 feet tall. I will post a picture later.
We drove home on the 1st and found virtually no traffic. The 30 miles of ice was still there though. Driving on 3″s of ice is stressfull though and all of the autos off the road and into the snow banks was cause for tension.

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