August Yard work

One of the things that happened recently is that I fired our gardener. It seems that after a year or so, gardeners get complaisant and get used to “mow and blow”. Getting them to fertilize, weed and maintain the sprinklers seems to tax their “want to”. These things are agreed upon as “extras” and are supposed to billed as such, but their “want to” or “need to” has evaporated. I have walked each of them through the extras that I would like to have done, to no avail. Each time that I hire a new gardener, they agree on what should be done, they do it and then 6 months later they “mow and blow and go”.
We had a tree taken down last fall.  This tree had broken up the brick planter and was starting to lift the sidewalk, therefore threatening the concrete porch floor and the steps. The stump was ground up, although there were some really large roots left behind that I wasn’t aware of. More on that later. I could never get the large (3’-4’) pieces of brick and concrete put back by the gardener.  And our sprinklers were watering the sidewalk and driveway as well as the grass and shrubs.  I even purchased sprinkler heads, pipes, fittings, etc. and have them on a shelf in the side yard for them to use.  The boxes that they were placed in, on the shelf, have started to fall apart…….
So. last Saturday, I got out the sledge hammer, hand maul, shovels, axe, branch cutters and reciprocating saw. There was 8-10 feet of brick, 2 and 3 layers deep, and the concrete foundation in 3 pieces. I broke the concrete off of the bricks and most of the bricks apart. I dug out the first 4 feet of trench, cutting many roots, some of which were 6-7 inches thick. I then jigsaw puzzled the bricks back into line. In doing so, I spent just less than 4 hours on my knees, bent over, hammering, sawing and placing the bricks. I had prepared by drinking 4 ounces of PRO and was drinking ZILLA water continuously while working. It was only about 90 degrees out, but I was sweating like crazy. At about 4 hours, my knees gave out. I was wearing shorts for the heat and my knees paid the price. I was about half done with the bricks.  The trench for the remainder was started.

I expected to be crippled up on Sunday from the work done on Saturday.  When I wasn’t, I decided to work again Sunday, expecting then to be down for the week.  On Sunday, after church, the girls offered to help.  Amanda was a huge help with the heavy work and in cutting and chopping more roots.  Eloise Renee and Anna-Gail picked up concrete pieces and helped put the dirt back up against the front of the planter.  Once again, we started with PRO and Amanda brought out a pitcher of water heavily laced with ZILLA.  We practically bathed in it.  Within 3 hours or so all of the bricks were in place.  There is still work to be done, but the difficult physical work is done.  We will re-mortar the brick in place and shore up the back (inside) with mortar.  Then we need to replace the dirt that the gardeners have kicked into the street.  More on that later.  Then we need to replant the area where the tree stood.

Yesterday, Monday, I got up at 6am and worked all day at Airless and completely forget that I was expecting to be down for a few days!  This is a great testament to eXfuze!!  My recuperation period is as short as before the accident.  I won’t profess to be 100% pain free, however I am still 100% med free!!  You can read more at:

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