deaf as a 1/2 post

It appears that I contacted a fairly rare ear virus.  Somewhere around 1 out of 100,000 people contact it.  No genetic and health connections at all.  100% hearing to total deafness in my right ear in less than 20 min.  Thankfully, no pain though.  Just continuous ringing at about 30% volume.  They thought that it was a stoke at first, so panic was the action for the first day or so.  I’m told that there is a really small chance ( read 2-5% ) that some hearing will return.  If it does, I should expect only about 15-20% at best though.  I go in for another test and another possible needle shot to the ear drum at 3 today, so will know more next week.

Eloise is back working at Macy’s.  She loves everything about it except the retail store hours.  She is working as a floor manager’s assistant after only a month or so.  Apparently they really like her also.  She will be working 50+ hours from “black Friday” through the holidays.  I’m not sure if or when the girls will get any holiday decorating done, but I’m sure that they will figure it out.

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