Socialist Gun Show

I attended the gun show here in the Socialist city of Sacramento last weekend.  I was happy to see that they are now allowing you to attend both days, Saturday and Sunday, for the cost of 1 admission.  It just requires a ticket receipt and a hand stamp.  This allows those of us that are really busy to attend for a couple of hours per day, rather than having to see it all in one day and put off everything else for that day.  Of course, you have to pay to park both days.  Maybe they can get “Cal Expo” to allow the same??  Yeah, fat chance of that.  However, I can now go Saturday after the work is done, say at 4pm, and spend an hour there.  I can then go back on Sunday after church and see the rest.  Great idea!

The show was fair sized.  There was a good amount of firearms dealers there.  There was a better selection of accessory dealers there than last year, percentage wise.  There was still the expected “jewelry, coin and misc.” dealers, but they seemed to be a smaller percentage than in the past few years.  Firearm related clothing was in attendance as well.  Some non related clothing was there also.  I couldn’t resist, I had to get the “blinged out” ball caps for my girls!  I’m still waiting for the “Guns and Coffee” shirts that look similar to Starbucks shirts to come out with a pocket.  I need a pocket for my glasses and Bluetooth.

Ammunition prices have come back down too.  I stocked up after shooting through some of my reserves while prices were in the “stupid” range.  .22 Long rifle is still in the “really stupid” price range.  They are asking more for a box of 50 bullets than I paid for a “brick” of 500 less than 8 years ago.I paid $15 for my last “brick”.  I’m glad that I purchased more than one.  .223 can now be had for $.35 (for non-reloadable and $.65 for reloadable in quantity) per round instead of the $1.20 per round asked last year.  Jacketed hollowpoint .45ACP and 9mm is now available for around $.25 in quantity of 100 or more.  Last year, the line for ammo was about 3 hours long.  Last Saturday I waited for about 10 minutes behind 3 people.

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