1/2 deaf, 1/2 blind, cripple

Considering that I’m still telling my 35 year old son that I’m only 42 years old, I’m gimping up this year at an alarming rate.  I’m still deaf in 1 ear and that doesn’t seem to be changing.  I just scheduled the next round of x-rays on my left shoulder.  It seems that along with the torn rotator, there is soft tissue damage surrounding it.  They will tell me in 2 weeks how the surgery will go.

On the happy front, Adam seems to be doing really well at his new job at Pierry.  They are facilitators for subscribed email and text lists.  He was brought in to this new company to start up the fledgling sales department.  Basically, he IS the sales department.  He has been dealing with herniated disks in his back this last year too.  Last week was tough for him, so I bundled up Eloise, Amanda, Eloise R and Anna and we went to Redwood city to see him on Fathers Day.  Nicole came over also and we all had a great day together.

Amanda is now working full time at Macy’s in their housewares department.  She has been there a couple of weeks now and seems to really like it.

Eloise Renee blew out of 3rd grade with incredible grades that cost Opa and Bestemore lots of dough.  Her after school activities include “early Engineers”.  Kind of says it all.

Anna-Gail is reminiscent of Adam at 3.  She is a whirlwind of energy and activity.  She talks up a storm about anything and everything and is “onstage” in performance mode 24/7,

My bride of almost 37 years is still at Macy’s.  She is the “Ralph Lauren” specialist.  She and Amanda now work at the same store.  She really likes the work environment and the people that she works with.  They all love her, according to what they constantly tell Amanda.  Retail hours suck though….

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