Adam in San Francisco (and why I love that city)

We drove the granddaughters to SF to celebrate Adam’s birthday.  Adam wanted to take the girls ice skating in Union Square.  Amanda couldn’t go as she had to work.  We arrived at Adam’s apt in Redwood City, loaded Him and Nichole and drove into the heart of the city.

After circling Union Square twice, we dropped Adam, Nichole, Eloise Renee and Anna-Gail off to make sure that they got into the correct session.  Eloise and I then spent 90 minutes trying to find a parking structure that wasn’t full.  Needless to say, neither of us were in the best of moods when we walked the trek from the parking structure to Union Square.

When we arrived at the Square, we were greeted by 3 completely hairless, nude (except for a sock, yes 1 sock, “strategically placed”) men.  It was really cold, so they were really small socks…..  This, of course, really set off Eloise as there were many children there!  It also happened to be “Santa-Con” day.  Every nut in Northern California rented a Santa suit and converged on San Francisco. There were the ugliest Santas as well as the sexiest Santas imaginable in attendance.  Union Square at Christmas season is always crowded, but it was jam packed.  The ice rink is heavily regulated in attendance though, so we got some good pictures of the 4 of them skating.  One of which is a picture of Nichole inadvertently sitting down…..

After the skating session, we had lunch at Nick’s Bar & Grill.  There, the girls got to see the real Santa having lunch.  Since Nick’s is on the opposite side of the Square, we were privileged to traverse the crowd back to the other side and uphill to where we parked.  The nudes must have frozen their socks off, as they were no longer in attendance.

After arriving at Adam’s, I took a tour of his place.  Eloise is his roommate during the week as her territory encompasses the south bay as well as San Francisco.  After visiting for awhile, we drove to Martin’s West, the restaurant where Adam used to work.  Martin’s is a Scotch/Irish themed gastro pub, operated in a historic building in downtown Redwood City.  After celebrating Adam’s birthday at dessert, we dropped Adam and Nichole back at his apartment and made the 2 hours trip back home.  They granddaughters slept on the trip home, but Eloise and I were exhausted.

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