New Years in Arizona.

Eloise and I finally got to spend the Christmas holiday together again.  She is no longer working “retail”, so the 7 day work week from Thanksgiving to New Years is over.  Thank you very much!

We had Adam, Nicole, Amanda, Eloise Renee and Anna-Gail for Christmas.  On the 26th, We drove to Arizona to check out the weather and area around Prescott.  We stayed in Prescott Valley.  The hotel was about half way between Prescott and Prescott Valley.  Great Hotel with a wonderful view.  The second day we were there, it snowed.  I guess that it snows every year there, but not very much.  We witnessed about 2 inches.  The next day the snow wasn’t a problem, but the ice was.  Highway 40 was closed from Kingman to Williams for a day as the bridges were frozen and the area didn’t have enough trucks to clear it for that day.  It was beautiful.  We checked out some of the area around the “Quad Cities”.  Without a lot more time, we didn’t see as much as we wished, but we visited residential, commercial and, of course, shopping in the region.

On the 30th, we drove back to Larry house for my birthday.  Our granddaughters were there.  Adam drove down from Las Vegas, where he was visiting Nicole’s Dad for the days between Christmas and New Years Day.  Amanda couldn’t make it as she is working the “retail” store shift.  That evening, we drove back to our hotel and continued our vacation.  I will monitor the area throughout the winter this year, but so far it looks good…………….

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