Back in the heat. And Back from Orange

Yesterday, it hit over 100 degrees here in Sacramento.  It looks like we are back to our “normal” weather this year.  After 5 or 6 years of really mild temperatures, Last winter we had an average rainfall and now we are back to the 100 degree summer.

We spent last weekend in southern California.  Eloise sang in the Presbyterian Youth Coir when she was in Jr and Sr High school.  They had their 50th reunion of the beginning of the PYC at the Church in Orange.  When I heard of the reunion, I knew that we had to go.  At the time, I was pretty burned out regarding church.  I figured that I had 40 years of church credit, so I wasn’t attending any.  However, I used to go with Eloise’s family to the 1st Presbyterian Church of Orange for any and all holidays.  Larry Ball put on a Christmas and Easter program that was astounding!  The unveiling of the shroud,  The angel in White… many visuals that were accented by the choir and the brass and the strings….  awesome!  Anyway, we made the trip over Memorial Day weekend.

I played hokey on Friday, so we left Friday morning at around 5am.  It made for a nice drive and with very little traffic, we slid into Orange around 2:20pm.  We met up with Eloise’s sister CynDee and (Husband) Neil, for lunch at Polly’s Pies.  This was Dads favorite place to eat (Dutch apple pie of course), although this was a different location.  CynDee and Neil had flown in to John Wayne Airport that morning and were staying at Neil’s Mom’s house in Costa Mesa.

While we were in Orange, we got to visit the “Main Place”.  It used to be called Fashion Square and was where Jeannine worked at Bullocks as their China and Silver Manager/Buyer.  It is quite upscale and had but 1 vacant spot in the whole mall!  We had plans to see South Coast Plaza, but never had the time.  Neil and I had breakfast and visited 2 gun shops in Orange while waiting for the girls at choir practice.

Saturday afternoon we got to spend with Aunt Bernice!  It was the most awesome lunch possible.  When we got back to her condo, we got a tour of her condo and her artwork.  She graciously gifted us with a bunch of art!  Unbelievable!  You will have to come see us after we get it all mounted on our walls.

Saturday evening, we were the guests of Lynn and Ray Weeda for dinner and stayed up until 1am talking to them, their guests and, of course, Sue Sheppard Allen.  Sue was Eloise’s closest high school friend and was in our wedding party.  We had a wonderful time and want to thank Ray and Lynn again for their hospitality.

Sunday, of course, was the performance of the PYC.  It was definitely the highlight of the service.  Larry Ball directed the choir for a couple of songs after the service and they were ovation worthy.   We then had the reunion lunch at the church.

Sunday afternoon, we met Bob Florin and his new bride Joanna at the Orange Mining Company for lunch.  Score 1 for Bob, she’s a peach.  I can’t believe that they’ve been married for 4 years and this is the first time that we’ve met her.  I’ve known Bob since 3rd grade.  We hunted and fished and chased girls and blew up CB radios and fixed radios and fixed up trucks and cars and really ran around together for many years.  I makes me smile to see how blessed he is with Joanna.

We left Orange on Monday morning and got home early afternoon.  We had time to rest up and acclimate to the new 100 degree Sacramento.  Boy is it hot here!

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