Getting better

For all those that are inquiring about Eloise.  After attending the fabulous wedding of our nephew and his bride in Spokane, Eloise wasn’t feeling well as we traveled home.  She was starting to have pain when taking anything other than shallow breathes.  Upon arriving home, we decided (read: I threatened her) to call the doctor the next day.  She was having more trouble breathing and her breathing was getting more painful.  Tuesday morning, she called and the nurse told her to call 911 and “get thee to the ER”.  She didn’t, of course, as she wanted to wait for our granddaughter to get out of kindergarten.  (grandmother logic). We then called our great friend Tina, who rushed over immediately and picked up Eloise and Anna-Gale.

After I closed the shop, I relieved Tina.  Eloise had gone through many tests, x-rays, cat scans, etc.  They pumped (literally) her full of antibiotics and fluids.  She had a UTI.  They were thinking about sending her home until the scan came back.  (I still can’t figure out how they thought that a UTI would cause painful breathing!).  The ER nurse was on top of this and agreed with me.  She refused to do anything until all of the test results came back.  June, you are an angel!

There was a spot in the lower, rear quadrant of her left lung that may have been a blood clot.  Oh boy.  Anti coagulant shots are not fun.  Into the stomach they go.  Upon further tests, the spot was another infection and pneumonia had started. So now she was admitted to the psych ward, I mean the hospital.  There she spent the next few days fighting off the pneumonia.  She was not a happy camper.  Weak as a kitten,  hard and painful to breathe and bloated with fluids.

She was home before the weekend and rested both days.  Saturday, I was making my monthly run to Costco for 12 pounds of jerky and she wanted to go, just to get out of the house.  We spent very little time inside the store, but she was exhausted anyway.  Sunday, as our Lord decreed, she rested.  Monday was better.  She went to the doctor in the morning and and she walked with me in the evening to the store and bank.  This is a 2 mile round trip.  We were slower than normal, but made the trip OK.  Amanda was standing by with her keys and phone in hand in case we needed a ride home.

So today, Wednesday, she is venturing back to work for a half day.  Her breathing is much better and she is getting her energy back.

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