Forgotten update and new news

Eloise:  Eloise went back to the Doctor last week and found that the pneumonia had spread to both lungs.  They said that it wasn’t unexpected, we just weren’t told.  Stronger antibiotics were prescribed and she was sent home with orders to take it easy.  Now, she is still a little weak, but slowly getting stronger.  We are back on our daily walks, however the distance has been cut from 5 miles to 2 or 3.  Thanks you for your prayers and support.

OK, on to the new news:

After fighting to keep a lawn growing and green, we decided to get rid of all the grass in the front like we did the back.  We live on clay and have done everything from rototilling in nutrients and good soil to re-sodding twice.  We tilled in lime to break up the clay.  We were told afterwards that this is good here for about 5-7 years.  The clay will then rise up and the good soil will wash away.  Some of the problem is that the yard is on an slope of about 3 feet on 10 feet.  After watering, you can feel the top sod slip as you walk on it.

So we had a herd of turtles converge on our front yard last Saturday.  I meant to get pictures of them crawling over the yard, but forgot.  Anyway, our front yard was ripped out.  Everything down 3-4 inches was rototilled and removed.  The surface tree roots prevented about 15% of the yard to remain.  We dug there as much as possible.  We found sprinkler lines that converged from different directions and lines that went nowhere!  At one place, there were 4 lines layered on top of each other.  Quite a few of the lines were severely bent into curves.  None of them were straight, even though the sprinkler heads were in a straight line.??  It would have been funny except that we had to track them back so that we could cap them off.  (After all was finished, we found 3 broken lines in the middle of the area that logically should haven’t had lines there at all.)  This stretched the day out a lot longer.

So we went from a water sucking failure of a lawn to a draught resistant low maintenance yard.  This is what it looks like today.


Afterwards, I turned on the water lines and found the breaks I mentioned.  I will work on those this week and get pictures after the yard bin is removed and the lines working.

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