Eloise and I finished out 2016 in Boise, Idaho.  We spent a week there after Christmas.  They had a little over the average snowfall in December, but it was the unusual cold sweep that has hit the northern states that made it a winter to be there.  The entire time we were in Idaho, the highest temperature was 17 degrees.  So the snow that normally melts between snowstorms, never melted.  It just turned to ice.  The main roads were plowed and not a problem.  Even the parking lots and shopping centers were OK.  However, the residential streets were another story.  We were in Idaho to look at residential property.  Most of the residential streets were packed with 12-14 inches of snow, topped with a layer of ice.  We had some interesting drives….

Our focus has been between the Prescott Valley, Arizona area and the Boise, Idaho area.  Their climate has been within 5 degrees of each other for the past year.  Until this winter.  Boise is now averaging 25 to 30 degrees below Prescott Valley.  Eloise and I walk between 3 and 5 miles per day, 5 days per week.  This is necessary for my back.  Treadmills don’t work.  So Boise was a challenge.  (We will have a hot tub, instantly, upon arrival no matter where we go.)  Indoor walking is OK (as in malls), but that gets boring really quick.  By the time we left, I had pretty much ruled Boise off the our map.  Then, Eloise found out that there are indoor tracks that we could have used.  Boise State has an indoor track and there are 2 health clubs that also have indoor tracks.  That put Nampa (Boise) back on the map, but in the number 2 position instead of the top pick as it was.  Next trip there, we will have to examine the indoor facilities.

Idaho has lower housing costs, but almost everything else is slightly higher than Arizona.

We wintered in Arizona last winter and Boise/Nampa this winter.  Next summer we will go to Arizona and then the next summer will probably be in Idaho.  It looks like Adam will be in Idaho this summer, so that weights it further…….

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