The Girls are all Home

Eloise Renee arrived at home yesterday with her entourage, Eloise Jeannette (grandmother), Jeannine Fohlen (Great Grandmother), Rachel Smith & Betsy Gallardo (fans extraordinaire) and chief handler and publicist Amanda Jeannette. There were balloons, gifts and great fanfare. Needless to say, the cats, used to being the main attraction in the house, were not pleased.

In Honor of the occasion, Larry is driving down today, 11/10/05, and is bringing down the Great Grandparents from the Hartsuiker side. Amanda, in honor if her C section, is staying off the stairs and sleeping downstairs. "GG", Great Grandmother Jeannine, is staying in the Baby’s room (formally Amanda’s room). Mom and Dad Hartsuiker will get the guest room. Larry will share the only king bed in the house with me and Eloise (bestemore) will be forced to stay downstairs with Mandi and Ellie Rae.

I’m greatful for Larry and Dad stopping by for a few days, as I’m drowning in estrogin.

Keith 11/10/05

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One Response to homecoming

  1. Unknown says:

    This is a fun way to keep in touch! Thanks for doing it.Can\’t wait to see you in December~LoveCyn

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