Trans Siberian Orchestra

On the Sunday following Thanksgiving, we made our annual jaunt 1.5 miles to the Arco Arena to see Trans Siberian Orchestra perform.  I have been to every concert that they have had in Sacramento.  Eloise missed the first one, but has been every year since.  I first heard them in 1998 and when I found out that they performed out east, I sent numerous emails to everyone involved (most went to  Paul  ) trying to get a concert out west.

Since their first concert in the old Auditorium in downtown Sacramento, I have shamelessly promoted them to all of our friends and family.  Last year I ended up with over 50 tickets, divided between the 3pm and 8pm shows.  Everyone showed up to our house, starting at noon, for eats and meets and to pick up their tickets.  It got crazy, as I had blocks of 6-8 seats and had to co-ordinate whom sat where and with whom.  So.  This year I just sent out notices and phone calls to all that were interested last year.  Our block of 8 consisted of Eloise and me, Amanda, Adam & Lindsey and family friend Telle.  Larry and Kat couldn’t make it so their tickets went to our new neighbors Rose and her 13 year old daughter Christina.

TSO now tours throughout the US.  If you like your Christmas Music really lively, give this link a tap and try them out.   TSO main site intro   "Wizards in Winter" is probably their most played song now, but my favorite is still "Oh come all ye faithful/O Holy Night"  Watch the video here   bootleg concert video   or  TSO on youtube

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One Response to Trans Siberian Orchestra

  1. Unknown says:

    Your right. They are past wonderfull.  Mom would understand your love of them! 
    They really have to be seen live to fully appreciate what they do.

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